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aFuel is the system of choice when it comes to digitalizing the operational fueling process. Due to its swift implementation and worldwide coverage of airports, airlines can benefit right from the start.

By improving your turnaround efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and enabling a new level of data quality, aFuel takes your operational fueling process to the next level.

Over 600,000 flights are handled with aFuel — annually!


save money

Positive ROI from Day 1

You pay for what you get! The pricing model of aFuel is based on the potential savings it enables an airline to generate. This approach ensures a positive ROI no matter the size of the airline.

New Level of Process & Data Quality

Along with the proven potential for remarkable monetary savings, aFuel helps airlines to improve their overall process quality due to its digital nature. The new level of data quality offers novel performance insights into a formally neglected process step.


Improve your Processes


Staff safety

Keep your staff save during COVID

The time of verbal communication and hand-written signatures are over. With aFuel you can make your fueling process 100% personal interaction-free and reduce the infection risk immediately.

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