It’s no secret: The value of a network grows with the number of users. Just think about the telephone — if you are the only person that owns a phone, it would be useless. However, the phone’s value increases exponentially with every new phone user—actually, the same accounts for an aviation fuel network. Continue reading to find out why and which airports are already connected to a digital fuel network.

What’s A Digital Fuel Network, And Why Is It So Important?

To give you some context, let me quickly explain the idea of a fuel network. 

Surprisingly, the fueling process at many airports still is very manual. As a result, verbal communication between an aircraft’s cockpit crew and the fuel supplier is the fueling process’s key element. Moreover, fuel slips and receipts are often hand-written and handed over to the cockpit crew manually.

A digital fuel network, first and foremost, aims to digitalize the entire operational fueling process. Therefore, the IT platform connects airlines on one side and airports (resp. fuel provider) on the other side.  As a result, all communication between airlines and fuel providers is entirely handled digitally.

Why Is The Network So Important?

Remember the initial example of the phone? From a theoretical point-of-view, the value of a digital fuel network is identic. The value of the system grows with every airport added to the network. 

That’s why we’ve paid the closest attention to add as many airports as possible to the network. Thus, enabling airlines to utilize a digital process and a broad number of stations. Nevertheless, this journey is everything but complete. Just in 2020, we’ve added five new airports to the network — and there are many additional airports in the pipeline.

Fuel Airports Asia
Hong Kong Airport — One of the first Asian digital-fuel-ready airports

Airports Connected To The Digital Fuel Network — An Overview

Before you scroll through the detailed lists of all airports connected to the digital fuel platform, here are some key take aways.

  • In total, 45 airports are connected to the digital fuel network.
  • Europe currently leads the field with 26 digital-fuel-ready airports.
  • The United States has the broadest digital-fuel-ready airport network with 17 stations.
  • Asian airports have joined the network lately and rely on two digital-fuel-ready airports.

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    Airports Connected To The Digital Fuel Network — The Details

    European Airports

    In Europe, both significant hubs but also secondary airports are connected to the digital fuel network. Germany is leading the field with six airports. However, the coverage is very good in Europe across many countries.

    AirportIATA CodeCountry
    BirminghamBHXUnited Kingdom
    LondonLHRUnited Kingdom
    PraguePRGCzech Republic

    US Airports Connected To The Fuel Network

    As mentioned, the United States of America can rely on the densest network with 26 connected airports.

    AirportIATA CodeCountry
    WashingtonIADUnited States
    New YorkJFKUnited States
    New YorkEWRUnited States
    BostonBOSUnited States
    PhiladelphiaPHLUnited States
    DetroitDTWUnited States
    CharlotteCLTUnited States
    AtlantaATLUnited States
    MiamiMIAUnited States
    OrlandeMCOUnited States
    TampaTPAUnited States
    ChicagoORDUnited States
    DenverDENUnited States
    DallasDFWUnited States
    HoustonIAHUnited States
    San FransiscoSFOUnited States
    Los AngelesLAXUnited States

    Asian Airports

    AirportIATA CodeCountry
    Hong KongHKGChina

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    Questions on how to set it up at your airline? Have a look here!

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    Want to check out the solution to do all that?

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