No doubt, airline fuel management is a gigantic area. That’s why it’s no surprise that there’s a ton of airline fuel management software available on the market. But no worries, we researched for you and collected five essential solutions you should have a closer look at.

Airline Fuel Management Software

There’s No On-Size-Fits-All Airline Fuel Management Software

However, you won’t find a software suite that covers all fuel-related processes. Again, this is linked to the fact that airline fuel management is a broad and diverse area. Here are just a few examples:

  • Fuel Procurement
  • Fuel Hedging
  • En-Route Fuel Optimization
  • Flight Planning
  • Weight & Balance
  • Fueling Ground Processes
  • Fuel Provider Management
  • Fuel Tankering
  • Etc.

As you’ll quickly recognize, the above-mentioned fuel topics touch entirely different organizational and functional areas. And each of the processes requires specific know-how and comes up with particular requirements. Therefore, you won’t find a solution that covers each process.

Nonetheless, we put together five airline fuel management software that covers many of the processes. Moreover, we consider the tools as best-in-class for the specific process. However, this doesn’t mean that your airline has to use each of the fuel management tools. 

Airline Fuel Management Software — 5 Solutions You Must Know!

#1 — FuelPlus

FuelPlus is probably one of the most comprehensive platforms. The software reflects a cloud-based and centralized fuel data warehouse with a whole bunch of fuel-related functions. It covers contractual, tendering, and accounting aspects but also operational, inventory, and logistics. It helps airlines to build streamlined fuel-processes around a single source of real-time fuel data. 

Furthermore, FuelPlus provides powerful analytics features that help airlines to assess and improve fuel-related aspects continuously. Worth to mention, that FuelPlus supports IATA’s data standard for improved and swift data exchange to other systems or companies. 

FuelPlus (Website)

Airlines That Use This Fuel Management Software
According to FuelPlus, more than 60 airlines rely on their software. Among them some of the most respected carriers: Air France & KLM, IAG & British Airways, Lufthansa, WestJet, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Etihad, South African Airlines, ANA, and more.

#2 — SkyBreathe

SkyBreathe focuses on the aspect of fuel efficiency. Therefore, SkyBreathe uses sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, to automatically analyze billions of data records from data sources, including complete FDR records, operational flight plans, ACARS, etc.

On top of that, SkyBreathe combines collected data with environmental data from actual flight conditions (payload, weather conditions, ATC constraints, etc.). As a result, the software identifies the most relevant saving opportunities and provides a series of recommended actions that can reduce an airline’s fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Openairlines (Website)

Airlines That Use This Fuel Management Software
We couldn’t find a complete list of clients. However, some airlines shared their success stories about SkyBreather: Transavia, Cebu Pacific, Volotea, Ukrainian International Airlines, Porter Airlines, Citilink, Icelandair.

#3 — aFuel

aFuel is a specific solution that focuses on digital fueling processes and the collaboration between airlines and into-plane agents. Therefore, aFuel provides a platform connecting airlines on one side and into-plane agents on the other side. Accordingly, the entire communication is performed digitally. That covers aspect such as:

  • Fuel Orders
  • Fueling Process milestones
  • Uplift figures
  • Fuel receipts
  • Acknowledgments

aFuel is already available across more than 45 airports worldwide. To ensure a lean and fast integration of airlines, the solution integrates the IATA AIDX standard. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with EFB-solutions (e. g. LIDO) and comes with a comprehensive mobile pilot app.

As a result of the digitized processes, airlines realize a whole bunch of benefits. Reduced flight delays, streamlined process, improved data quality, and enhanced analytics are just a few examples.

Information Design (Website)

Airlines That Use This Fuel Management Software
Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa Cityline, Cathay Pacific

Airline Fuel Management Software
aFuel Mobile Client

#4 — Jeppesen Fuel Dashboard

Jeppesen definitely is one of the big players in many areas of airline software. 

With the Fuel Dashboard, Jeppesen provides a comprehensive, total-fleet view of operational fuel consumption. The application is part of a fuel-efficiency solutions suite that offers broad savings opportunities. With this fuel management software, airlines gain insights into current fuel usage through all phases of flight. This visibility enables better decision making to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and emissions.

The software provides an accurate and complete fuel picture by incorporating all of an airline’s operational data, from flight plans to QAR or electronic journey logbooks to weather. 

Jeppesen (Website)

Airlines That Use This Fuel Management Software
Jeppesen doesn’t provide a list of airlines using the fuel dashboard. 

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    #5 — Pacelab Flight Profile Optimize

    Pacelab is a dedicated tool for En-route flight profile optimization. Therefore, the fuel management software provides actionable recommendations to the crew from briefing to touchdown. It constantly incorporates current conditions and balances operational considerations with passenger comfort and on-time performance. As a result, Pacelab holistically optimizes all flight phases from climb to descent. During the entire process, it relies on high-fidelity and real-time data.

    TXT e-solutions (Website)

    Airlines That Use This Fuel Management Software
    Air Dolomiti, KLM, Air Transat, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Hawaiin Airlines, Icelandair, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Airlines

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