We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Future Perspective Edition about Airline Fuel Management and Digital Fueling Processes. The document spans across more than 50 pages and contains 14 articles. Plus unpublished material that will help to drive your airline’s fuel efficiency.

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If you want to have a source for knowledge, including best-tips and a whole bunch of best-practices always in your pocket — this document is for you! Our entire team worked to put together the most insightful articles about digital fuel management and fuel efficiency approaches.

What’s contained?

Here’s an overview of contained articles:

  • 10 Benefits you achieve by operating electronic fueling
  • The complete electronic fueling implemation guide
  • How a mobile app can flexibilize your fueling process
  • 47 airports that are connected to the digital fueling process
  • What the hell is Electronic Fueling?
  • Spotlight on markets — Electronic Fueling, a market assessment
  • 4 Success stories your airline can achieve with electronic fueling
  • How the no fuel indicator saves you thousand of dollars
  • Aircraft fueling process — Why COVID-19 is urging the digitization?
  • Why the network effect is grossly underrated?
  • How electronic fueling can improve downstream processes?
  • How electronic fueling reduces your airline’s fuel costs?
  • Why there’s never been a better time to start with electronic fueling!
  • 14 frequently asked questions about electronic fueling.
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