We are beyond excited to release the 4th episode of the world’s only fuel management web show, “REFUEL”. In this episode, we put a spotlight on the aspect of how airlines can start with digital fuel management.

Refuel — Episode 4

REFUEL — World’s Only Airline Fuel Management Web Show

After the first episode of REFUEL, many airlines approached us with feedback and questions. One aspect many airlines have been curious is about how to get started. That’s why we decided to dedicate an entire episode to this question.

REFUEL Episode 4 — All About How Airlines Can Start With Digital Fuel Management

Together with Robin, we put a spotlight on this question and discuss:

  • What do airlines need to start?
  • How can airlines connect to the digital fuel management network?
  • What about the fuel provider?
  • How long does the implementation take?
  • What about the investment?

If you are searching for answers in that area, this video is definitely the right one. Within 18 minutes, we will walk you through all the questions you might have and, more importantly, need to answer to get digital fuel management started.

Enjoy And Let Us Know Your Feedback

We’d love to get your feedback about REFUEL in general but also about the questions you have in mind. Just hit us up on Twitter or LinkedIn — or simply leave a comment on YouTube.


REFUEL is our bi-weekly web show where we solely talk about one thing: Digital Fuel Management at Airlines! We discuss the latest news, insights, best-practices from airlines, and much more. REFUEL is published on YouTube and on our website.

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