We are extremely pumped to announce the start of the world’s first magazine about digital airline fuel management: REFUELED! Every quarter REFUELED will bring you news, insights, and valuable stories around the world of airline fuel management. Enjoy!

REFUELED — World’s First Magazine That Is Solely Focused On Digital Airline Fuel Management!

Fuel management and digital approaches —more than ever— play an essential role in airlines worldwide. However, we know it’s not that easy to find relevant information, tips, or ideas. That’s why we thought it’s time to launch a magazine that is purely focused on that one essential thing: Airline Fuel Management.

From now on, we will provide you with fresh stories, industry insights, and much more — every quarter and in the highest magazine quality!

For this very first issue, we put a spotlight on Asia. Discover hand-selected stories about Asian airline fuel markets, airlines, and airports. On top of that, you can discover lots of insights about sustainability, brand-new interviews, the latest news as well as personal opinions.

Content Of REFUELED #1

Here’s are the details about the articles contained in the first REFUELED edition:

Cover Story: Spotlight On Asia

  • Is Asia doing enough to lead the digital fuel management revolution?
  • Cathay Pacific just made a bold move that’s different from what its competitors are doing!
  • Singapore’s Changi is Asia’s first digital fueling-ready airport!

Eco & Sustainability

  • The one little feature airlines are using to save $1 million in fuel costs.
  • World’s 30 most eco-friendly airlines
  • 7 surprising facts about airline fuel costs

Opinions & Interviews

  • How airlines around the globe can ban COVID-19 from the apron
  • State of the airline fuel management — the most extensive interview with ID1’s Head of Fuel Products.


  • Network Updates

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