Airline fuel management is a particular niche topic. Moreover, it is sometimes hard to find the information and insights required. We know that too. Therefore, we put together essential airline fuel management resources for you to discover!

Airline fuel Management resources

Airline Fuel Management Resources — A Quick Foreword

Although being a niche topic, airline fuel management has many different facets. Fuel purchase, hedging, operational processes, clearing, and invoicing are just the most prominent sub-areas. 

Therefore, it is definitely tough to find specific and helpful resources for each of the topics. Moreover, we tried to concentrate on resources that aren’t product-driven. Although some of the resources are from solution providers, we tried to select only valuable content sources.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this list is a “work-in-progress.” We keep updating the list constantly with resources we find on the internet. If you think you know a resource we should add, please leave a comment or get in touch with me. You can find the contact details at the end of the article.

Airline Fuel Blogs

Blogs are an easy-to-discover source for information. However, many blogs focus on a company’s product and a sales tool. Therefore, we tried to select blogs that truly provide value and insights instead of selling stuff.

Fuel Efficiency Blog

Openairlines’ “Fuel Efficiency Blog” holds many insightful blog post about airline fuel management and fuel efficiency.

Sustainable Flying Blog

IATA’s “Sustainable Flying Blog” certainly is a must-read. It contains many useful insights, updates, as well as case studies.

Digital Fuel Management Blog

Information Design maintains one of the most useful blogs about digital fuel management called “Digital Fuel Management Blog“. It contains tons of how-to’s but also fuel-related industry news and insights.

AvFuel Blog

The “Avfuel Blog” is a comprehensive source for all aviation and fuel-related topics. It contains a fantastic amount of news and updates. Moreover, it features exciting stories from the world of aviation fuel.

Airline Fuel Resources

Besides airline fuel blogs, we’ve also collected different further resources we consider as relevant:

Simple Flying Website

Simple Flying isn’t solely focused on airline fuel management. However, it is one of the best sources for airline and fuel news. Check out their website!


Besides the Sustainable Flying Blog, IATA offers immense additional resources about airline fuel management. They cover almost every facet of this process. Make sure to check it out!


On top of their blog, Information Design publishes a magazine called REFUELED. It’s self-titled the “World’s only magazine about digital fuel management.” You can find and download the latest issue of the quarterly magazine here!

Airline Fuel Management
REFUELED — One of the rare airline fuel magazines


Armbrust is one the renowned aviation fuel resources. It provides a huge amount of news, updates, and insights about the world of aviation fuel.

Airline Fuel Video & Audio

Unfortunately, up to now, we couldn’t find many audio and video resources about airline fuel management. Most likely, the topic is just to niche for things like podcasts or web shows. However, hope isn’t entirely lost since we could identify some resources that —besides other topics— talk about airline fuel management.

all Podcast

The allplane podcast publishes insightful episode about commercial aviation every two weeks. And some of the episodes are also about fuel management and sustainability. Absolutely worth listening!

ID1 Audio Experience

ID1 Audio Experience. This podcast —first and foremost— talks about aviation, technology, and innovation. However, they also have many airline fuel management episodes — particularly from a technological point of view. Since the podcast is updated daily, there are tons of episodes to browse through. The podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Podcasts.

Captain Joe On YouTube

Probably one of the most prominent aviation Youtube channels. Captain Joe uploads a new episode every Thursday. Although this isn’t solely about fuel management, there are many videos about aircraft fueling from a pilot’s point of view.


Refuel is a bi-weekly Youtube web show that discusses digital fuel management. The web show goes very in-depth about digital fuel management, its benefits, and implementation approaches.

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