As the first airport in Australia, Perth is planning to join the global digital fuel network in late 2020. The digital fuel network allows airlines and fuel providers to digitize the entire fueling process-related communication. Thereby, all stakeholders achieve benefits such as reduced delays, cost savings, and COVID-compliant operations. 

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The Status Quo At Many Airports — Not Only In Australia

By connecting to the digital fuel network, Perth Airport leaves the group of old-fashioned fueling airports. Surprisingly, the fueling process at many airports —not only in Australia— still is very manual. The problem with fueling is that every airport is different. Different in terms of fuel supplier, fuel provider, and used IT systems. 

The Fueling Process —Still— Consists Of Manual And Verbal Processes

As a result, verbal communication between an aircraft’s cockpit crew and the fuel supplier is the fueling process’s key element. Moreover, fuel slips and receipts are often hand-written and handed over to the cockpit crew manually. Undoubtedly, such a process reflects a potential infection risk in times of COVID-19.

Independent Fuel Management Networks

At this point, independent fuel management networks come in. These are platforms that act as a middleware between airlines and fuel providers at airports. Accordingly, airlines only have to connect to one platform instead of integrating a sheer endless number of fuel providers. Independent fuel management networks did very well the recent years and connected a considerable number of European airports

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    Perth To Become 1st Digital Fueling-Ready Airport In Australia.

    Although Perth will be the first airport in Australia, many other airports are already connected to digital fuel networks. In Europe, more than 25 airports are “digital fuel-ready,” followed by the United States with almost 20 “digital fuel-ready” airports.

    The network includes major hubs, such as New York (JFK), Atlanta (ATL), Frankfurt (FRA), London (LHR), or Amsterdam (AMS) — but also mid-sized airports, for example, Zurich (ZRH), Vienna (VIE), or Goteborg (GOT). 

    Besides Australia, Asian Airports Are Also On The Rise!

    With Singapore and Hong Kong, the first Asian airports recently joined the digital fuel network. According to Benjamin Walther, CEO of ID1, it is likely to see many other airports from Asia and Australia to follow in the next months.

    Connecting Perth As First Airport In Australia — A Joint Project Of Airlines, Fuel Provider, and Technology Provider

    Connecting Perth Airport in Australia was a joint project of Cathay Pacific as an airline partner, BP as a fuel supplier, and ID1 as a technology provider. “Together with our client Cathay Pacific, and BP as fuel provider, we are extremely excited to connect Perth as the first airport in Australia to our digital fuel network,” says Benjamin Walther, CEO of ID1. “We’d love to continue on that path and connect additional airports in the upcoming months.”

    COVID-19 Drives Digitization

    Driven by COVID-19, many airlines, airports, and fuel providers are accelerating digital projects. Besides, Larnaca, Prague, Milan Linate, and Singapore have recently connected to the digital fuel network. On top of that, numerous airports are currently working on projects. 

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    More airport news? Here’s Asia’s first digital fueling airport

    Sure, let’s go!

    Ready for a deep dive? Here’s the complete list of digital fueling airports!

    Yes, take me there!
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