It’s November. Many countries are facing a second lockdown. On top of that, many airlines are struggling more than ever to survive. However, and despite COVID-19, sustainability remains a top priority. That’s why we put together the most important airline sustainability news of the last weeks.

Airline Sustainability News

Airline Sustainability News

Sustainability will be the dominating topic for every airline during the next decade. From our perspective, sustainability will have a much more substantial impact on the entire industry than COVID-19. I know, it sounds weird at the moment. But even in such challenging times, the topic of sustainability stays on top of many airlines’ agenda.

However, we know that it is tough to keep up with all developments. That’s why we regularly publish our Airline Sustainability News roundup that features a collection of relevant articles we consider helpful, insightful, or just worth reading. 

Enjoy the read!

Airline Sustainability News — Overview Of Contained Article

In case you don’t require a summary of the article, here’s the article overview of this month’s airline sustainability news roundup:

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    Airline Sustainability News — Article’s Review

    Here’s a short review of each article to make it easier to decide if it is worth reading.

    Microsoft Commits to Sustainable Jet Fuel to Power Future Employee Air Travel

    Microsoft surprised us with one of the fascinating airline sustainability news. And doing that without being an airline 🙂

    As the first company worldwide, Microsoft announced a partnership with Alaska Airlines to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The agreement involves the purchase of credits to be used by Microsoft on Alaska Airlines routes traveled most frequently by the tech giant’s employees — namely from Seattle to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose, respectively. Microsoft said the move to purchase sustainable jet fuel would significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with its flight-based business travel. 

    Together with Alaska Airlines and SkyNRG, Microsoft participates in the Clean SKies for Tomorrow initiative. The goal of the coalition is to increase demand for SAF and sustainability across airlines and the entire aviation industry.

    Read the entire article on

    How Wizz Air Is Reducing In-Flight Fuel Usage

    Wizzair recently announced to implement various additional measures to reduce their emissions and drive sustainability further. The airline that calls itself “Europe’s fastest-growing and greenest airline” plans to reduce its emissions by 33% over the next ten years. Therefore, the airline needs additional sustainability measures:

    • Reducing the flap setting on arrival and departure
    • Removing unnecessary fuel through flight plan optimization
    • Developing more specific performance factors
    • Improving zero fuel weight calculation

    Read the entire airline sustainability article on

    Wizzair Airline Sustainability News

    How a small company wants to help airlines save 20,000 trees and plant another 20,000.

    Information Design, a German-based technology provider specializing in the aviation industry, announced an exciting sustainability program. The company that offers a digital fuel platform to airlines wants to help airlines save 20,000 trees by establishing a paperless fueling process. “We are convinced that our approach helps airlines to drive sustainability directly”, says Benjamin Walther, CEO of the company.

    Moreover, they announced to plant one additional tree for every tree they are going to save.

    Read the entire story and how the program works on their website.

    Etihad Airways launches $600m ‘green Sukuk’ in aviation first.

    Etihad Airways announced the introduction of the first transition Sukuk and sustainability-linked financing in the aviation industry. The Abu Dhabi-based carrier announced a $600 million transaction that will support Etihad’s drive for sustainable aviation. The Sukuk’s term is directly linking to its carbon reduction targets.

    On the overall, the airline has set ambitious sustainability goals. Etihad plans on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, reducing net emissions by 50% by 2035, reducing emissions intensity in the airline’s passenger fleet by 20% by 2025.

    Adam Boukadida, CFO of Etihad Aviation Group, said: “Sustainability and responsible climate action are the most significant challenges facing the aviation industry.

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    Etihad Airline Sustainability News
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