Despite COVID-19, there’s so much going on in the world of airline sustainability and fueling. In order to save you time, we put together the essential news of recent weeks in our Airline Fuel And Sustainability Roundup. Enjoy news from Rolls-Royce, Virgin Atlantic, plus the latest surveys and announcements!

Airline Sustainability News Roundup

Airline Sustainability News Roundup

Sustainability will be the dominating topic for every airline during the next decade. From our perspective, sustainability will have a much more substantial impact on the entire industry than COVID-19. I know, it sounds weird at the moment. But even in such challenging times, the topic of sustainability stays on top of many airlines’ agenda.

However, we know that it is tough to keep up with all developments. That’s why we regularly publish our Airline Sustainability News roundup that features a collection of relevant articles we consider helpful, insightful, or just worth reading. 

Enjoy the read!

Airline Sustainability News Roundup — Overview Of Contained Articles

In case you don’t require a summary of the article, here’s the article overview of this month’s airline sustainability news roundup:

Airline Sustainability News Roundup — Article Review

Here’s a short review of each article to make it easier for you to decide if it is worth reading it.

Aviation awaits game-changing EU jet fuel plan

The European Commission will soon publish its ‘ReFuelEU’ initiative, aimed at ratcheting up the amount of sustainable fuel used in aviation. The scheme is eagerly awaited as cheaper access to greener fuels could reduce air travel’s carbon emissions.

Euractiv provides a detailed article about the initiative and background of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The report is definitely a must-read for everyone involved in this topic as it provides insights and future perspectives.

Read the entire article on EURACTIV

Rolls-Royce to test 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel in next-generation engine demonstrator

Rolls-Royce announced fantastic news the last week to test engines with 100% sustainable aviation fuel. As part of its ongoing decarbonization strategy, Rolls-Royce uses 100% sustainable aviation fuel for the first time in engine ground tests on next-generation engine technology.

The SAF used in the tests was produced by low-carbon fuel specialist World Energy in Paramount, California, sourced by Shell Aviation and delivered by SkyNRG. This unblended fuel has the potential to significantly reduce net CO2 lifecycle emissions by more than 75 percent compared to conventional jet fuel, with the possibility of further reductions in years to come.

Read the entire story on Rolls-Royce’s homepage

Antalya to become Turkey’s first digital fueling-ready airport

As the 28th European airport, Antalya is set to join the biggest digital fuel network, Information Desing announced. The digital fuel network is an approach to streamline airlines’ fueling process and the process’ sustainability. With the elimination of paper, avoidance of unnecessary fuel truck movements, and delay reduction, the approach adds to an airline’s overall fuel-efficiency and sustainability strategy.

Antalya is the first airport in Turkey that is digital fueling ready. The announcement was made just a couple of days after Naples and Venice launched as digital fueling airports in Italy.

Read the entire story on Information Design’s website.

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    Virgin Atlantic’s New A330neo Fleet To Enter Service From 2022

    Virgin Atlantic reshuffles its fleet to become a leaner, more efficient airline. In that context, Virgin waved goodbye to the last of its four-engine aircraft and prepared to face the future as a twinjet only carrier. 

    With the arrival of the A330neo in In2022, Virgin will be a big step closer to improving its fleet’s fuel efficiency by 2024. The airline had planned a complete renewal of its fleet from 2014, creating one of the youngest fleets in the skies with an average age of just 5.3 years by 2024. The fleet, overall, should be 32% more efficient than it was a decade ago.

    Read the whole article on Simple Flying

    1 In 4 Passengers Don’t Think Airlines Are Doing Enough For The Environment

    Just a couple of days ago, Inmarsat launched its “Passenger Confidence Tracker.” The confidence tracker is a survey of almost 10,000 passengers. One of the areas researched was the sustainability of flying; the responses proved that this is still high on passengers’ minds, and indeed more than half would choose an airline based on its sustainability efforts.

    Source: Inmarsat
    Source: Inmarsat

    President of Inmarsat Aviation Philip Balaam noted the importance of the survey, saying,

    “Understanding these opinions is critical for airlines. Until the industry understands passenger confidence, flyers won’t be returning to the skies en masse. One of the key take-outs from this comprehensive survey is that eight in ten air passengers say their travel habits will change forever because of COVID-19.

    “This is something the industry clearly needs to address. But it is also an opportunity.”

    You can download the full report free of charge from Inmarsat’s website here.

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