The True Potential of aFuel

When it comes to utilizing the opportunities of the digitalization, the operational fueling process of worldwide airlines is trapped in the stone age. With aFuel we offer an easy-to-use service to change that once and for all. On this page we want to show you what immense potential the digitalization of this process holds for your airline and why it should be the number one project to start in 2021.

Up to


of savings per Flight



saving over first three years

Up to


better A/C utilization


The five areas that will generate substantial savings for you when using aFuel

Shorter Groundtime

Digitalizing your fueling process means speeding it up. No manual steps are necessary anymore, reducing the time needed per fueling by 25%. This translates into shorter groundtime meaning a decrease in ground costs.


minutes saved per turnaround


reduction of fuel overpayment

Reduce Fuel Overpayment

Overpaying fuel bills due to inaccurate data is a common problem for airlines. aFuel changes that by providing 100% accurate data on every fueling process. This will help airlines reduce their overpayments immediately and permanently.

Cut Delay Minutes

Delay minutes are expensive and hurt your image. By digitalizing the fueling process with aFuel an airline is able to cut fuel-related delay minutes drastically. Just another step towards an improved OTP.


reduction of fuel-related delays


per tankering flight

Reduce Fuel Provider Costs

Tankering flights are there to save money and with aFuel we offer a new opportunity to do just that. By being able to communicate to an into plane agent that their service is not needed airlines can avoid unnecessary fuel provider costs for their approach.

Decrease Staff Costs

aFuel enables a fully digitalized process from the start meaning that no manual transfer of fuel slips is required anymore. This does not only reduce the error-proneness but also the staff costs connected to this outdated task.


saved FTEs


Besides the monetary savings aFuel offers additional qualitative benefits

Stellar Data Quality

aFuel heaves the fueling process into the digital age. Now the fueling is no longer a blind spot in the turnaround process. By digitalizing every process step from the fuel order to the fuel slip, aFuel creates a real-time picture of the fueling activities across your network. This new level of data quality can be used to improve the turnaround process even further through in-depth analysis and derived actions.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Being more sustainable in regard to fueling an aircraft sounds odd we know. However, by going fully digital you eliminate the paper used for the manual fueling process once and for all. In addition to that, the smart communication of tankering flight reduced the carbon emissions on the ground. When it comes to becoming more sustainable we think that every small step matters to make a difference.

Increase Aircraft Utilization

Increasing the utilization of their main assets is a top priority for every airline. A higher utilization means more time to generate revenues. By evidently shortening the groundtime substantially, aFuel does exactly that. However, we are not in the position to judge how airlines will utilize this in the future. We only know that it holds a massive potential that should not be left untapped.


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Over 600,000 flights are handled with aFuel — annually!