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aFuel is the all-in-one suite your fueling process needs - fully digitalized and easy to implement.
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Swift & Easy Onboarding

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Standard airline systems compatible with aFuel. Including LIDO, ACARS, Sabre, and others.

2 weeks

Average duration to onboard a new airline.


Successfully accomplished projects with airlines all over the globe.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and lengthy IT implementation projects should be a thing of the past. At least, that's how aFuel works. We offer a seamless and hassle-free integration process that gets the system up and running within days. aFuel is ready to integrate and connect to over 15 of the most-renowned airline systems, including LIDO, ACARS, and Sabre, immediately. Even if you are not already using one of our supported systems, joining the digital fuel network of aFuel is amazingly comfortable, as we rely on the IATA AIDX standard to facilitate all communication. All this makes it easier than ever before to join the world's biggest fuel network and utilize its enormous potential right away. Ask our current customers. It is really that simple to take your fueling process to the next level.

A global network ready to join!

Our main asset - the world's largest digital fueling network


Worldwide airports where aFuel is operating every day!


Integrated IT solutions making the expansion of the network easy

No costs

We take the full invest for connecting new fuel supplier and into plane agents.

Using aFuel also means joining the world’s largest fueling network. Currently, we count over 85 airports worldwide where aFuel is operating every day. And that’s not even the end of the story. Expanding the network together with our clients has always been our primary mission. Together we will lay out a strategy to boost your network coverage as quickly as possible, taking full advantage of aFuel. Luckily, we have multiple IT solutions already connected, making the integration of a new fuel supplier or into-plane agent a breeze. And because we view that all that as an investment into our network and product, we take over the costs. So let’s be bold together and make the biggest digital fueling network even bigger.

Based on IATA industry standard

Never the wrong choice!

Every exchange between airlines and fuel suppliers handled via aFuel is communicated as an IATA AIDX message. AIDX is an industry-renowned standard developed and constantly refined by the IATA. By using such a proven and established standard, we ensure the highest level of technological certainty for the future. The structure of the messages is easy to understand and implement, supporting the swift implementation process.


Developed and refined by the governing body of aviation

Planning certainty

Established and proven standard

Swift implementation

Easy to integrate, easy to work with

A digital twin for every fueling process

A whole new level of data quality!

In the past, the fueling process has been a blind spot for many airlines regarding data availability and quality. Due to the variety of contractors, it has always been a problem to establish one standardized process across the network, allowing to change that. With aFuel, this completely changes. The standardized digital communication solves both of those problems at once. Every single fueling process within your network follows the same detailed procedure, which is digitally recorded. For the first time, all your fueling activities are stored in your database, and the stellar data quality allows for in-depth performance analysis across your network to improve the process even further.


Level of data quality for all your fueling activities 


Equal process everywhere making performance comparison easy


Instant availability of your fueling information

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Always on for you!

We are always here to keep your operations running!


Uptime SLA to secure smooth operations at all airports


Pages of dedicated documentation down to last bits and pieces

Your very own

A personal CX manager serves as your main contact for everything beyond support 

We know that you need to keep your operations running at all times, so we do everything to help you with that. Our customer support team is always available to you if anything is working how it is supposed to. To prevent that from happening in the first place, we have implemented extremely high standards. High SLA uptime? Check! Extensive knowledge base giving you all the information you need? Check! A dedicated customer experience manager? You want it; you get it! Any new ideas on how to get better? Let us know!

Cyber security — fully certified

You can rest assured knowing your data is safe.


aFuel is SOC2 and GDPR-compliant for all clients

Powered by AWS 

The system is hosted on AWS utilizing all included security features


You can continue counting sheeps! We take care of your data in the mean time.

From working with worldwide airlines for decades, we how to take cybersecurity seriously. With our fully customizable user management, you can control who gets access to specific data sets and features. Now you can make sure the correct data is shared with the right people at the right time. And with the strictest security features on the market, we support those ambitions. aFuel is currently fully SOC2- and GDPR compliant, and we are continually working to extend the list of certifications. We do all this to make sure you can sleep tight at night, knowing your data is as safe as it could be.

Over 600,000 flights are handled with aFuel — annually!

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