REFUEL — World's Only Fuel Management Web Show!

Every 2 weeks, Robin hosts the world's only fuel management web show. With guests from the industry, colleagues, and thought leaders he discusses everything around operational fuel management. Always raw, always valuable, and always a source for new thoughts!


What The Hell Is This About?

For this very first episode, Robin invited his colleague Ben to discuss about the the state-of-the-business when it comes to airline fuel management.


Let's Talk About The Benefits

For the second episode, our two experts dive deeper into the benefits of a centralized communication platform connecting airlines and fueling provider. Get ready to save money and improve your processes!


Helping to deal with COVID-19

And we are back with the third episode of REFUEL. As promised, we focus on the impact COVID-19 on digital fuel management by answering two simple questions: What are the advantages and why now is the right time to start such a project.

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