REFUEL — World's Only Fuel Management Web Show!

Every 2 weeks, Robin hosts the world's only fuel management web show. With guests from the industry, colleagues, and thought leaders he discusses everything around operational fuel management. Always raw, always valuable, and always a source for new thoughts!


What The Hell Is This About?

For this very first episode, Robin invited his colleague Ben to discuss about the the state-of-the-business when it comes to airline fuel management.


Let's Talk About The Benefits

For the second episode, our two experts dive deeper into the benefits of a centralized communication platform connecting airlines and fueling provider. Get ready to save money and improve your processes!


Helping to deal with COVID-19

And we are back with the third episode of REFUEL. As promised, we focus on the impact COVID-19 on digital fuel management by answering two simple questions: What are the advantages and why now is the right time to start such a project.


How to get started?

After talking about the advantages of a modern digital fuel management solution, Robin and Ben go more into detail about how airlines should approach the topic step by step. Learn how you can utilize the advantages of such a solution within weeks.


Sustainability - Nothing Else

Today, the guys are focusing on a topic that should never be overlooked at any time - sustainability. There are thousands of ways to become more sustainable as an airline and today you are going to learn more about one very easy one.


2021 - The Year Of Digital Fueling

For the last episode of 2020, Robin and Benjamin are taking a look back at a turbulent 2020 and discuss why 2021 will be the year electronic fueling takes off.


The Network Effect

ReFuel is back! For the first episode of 2021, Robin and Benjamin focus on what makes a large digital fueling network great. The network effect! What that really means, why more parties are beneficial for the whole network and why airlines are no competitors in this situation. Those are just some of the questions answered in this episode. So tune in!


All About Data

It's the second episode of 2021 and it's all about data! Robin and Benjamin are going to explore all the new insights you get from digitalizing your fueling process. Upfront, there are quite a lot of benefits but also things to bear in mind. You better watch the episode to become an expert.


Future Fuel Lab Recap

In this episode, Benjamin and Robin are doing a little recap of what happened during the second Future Fuel Lab webinar. With the joint digital fueling project of Cathay Pacific and Shell as a centerpiece, the event gave a great insight into what it really means to revolutionize your fueling process. Go check it out now! Or go to and check out the complete event first!

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