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4 Airline Sustainability Trends For 2021

Undoubtedly, COVID is the dominating topic for many airlines at the moment. Nevertheless, the sustainability aspect is also —still— at the agenda of many airlines. With this article, we put together four sustainability trends airline will focus on in 2021. Airline Committed To A Sustainable Recovery Says IATA Just in October 2020 —at the beginning…

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Why Digital Fuel Management Is A Must-Do Project Right Now!

2020 is just different. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Especially the aviation industry is going true very tough times, and nobody can be certain if we will ever get back to normal. Maybe we will have to get used to a new normal. No matter how this situation will develop in…

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7 Surprising Facts About Airline Fuel Costs

Despite COVID-19, fuel costs still represent a huge cost driver for airlines. However, we wanted to know the details. That’s why we searched available resources for interesting facts about airline fuel costs. And here’s the result: 7 surprising facts about airline fuel costs! Fact #1 — On Average Fuel Costs Account For 26% Of An…

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